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About Us

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Innovate or Evaporate

I Hospitality Management Co. Ltd. is a strategic partnership between two high profile companies : Innotel Intelligent Hotel Management Co. Ltd., from Hong Kong and Harrison Group PCL from Thailand.

Innotel Intelligent Hotel Management Co. Ltd., has extensive experience in hospitality and property management while Harrison Group PCL specializes in property sales and marketing. Bringing these two companies together form a new concept to provide intergrated solutions for Property Investment, Marketing, Asset Management and Hospitality Consultancy to property developer and individual owners. I Hospitality Management add value to residential and commercial property developments by providing “5 Star” Investment, Marketing and Management Service Package.

As a strategic partner of Innotel Intelligent Hotel Management Co. Ltd., Harrison Group PCL provides I Hospitality Management Co. Ltd., with strong financial support, great brand apppeal and excellent enterprise networking resource.

I Hospitality Management Co. Ltd., is a dedicated professional hotel and property management team with comprehensive management capabilities in hotel and property management, investment analysis and marketing. Most of the key members of the corporate team are graduates of top hotel management insitutes in Europe and United States and have received excellent education of hospitality management as well as practical training. They have also made great achievements in top class hotel chains home and abroad. I Hospitality Management Co. Ltd., will seize the up-trend in the tourism industry in Asia and China and establish itself as top brand name in hospitality management through professional and innovative service concepts and it aims to offer the following benefits to its business partners :

  1. Provide marketing concepts and packaging for properties to maximize its value and increase impact on sales
  2. Provide investment yield return to property owners or individual investors by performing “5 star” Hospitality Management Service
  3. Generate recurrent income by managing residential, office and hotel properties
  4. Create additional income source and enhance customer satifaction by providing Hospitality Management Services
  5. Promote synergy and offer options and flexibility in property sales, re-sales, leasing, marketing during different economic cycles.